Wedding Hair Pricing

Bride - $150-$200*

Bridesmaids/ Guests / Mother of the Bride or Groom - $85-$150*

Flower girl (under 12) - $50-$85*

Groom/ Groomsmen - $25-50*

*Style prices depend on how intricate the style is, as well as how thick or long the hair is.


Trial fees


Additional Fees

Minimum $100, plus $1 per mile

Parking Fee - Varies, depending on the location

Bridge Toll - Varies, depending on the location 

Holiday Fee - 20% surcharge if your wedding falls on a holiday or holiday weekend.

Additional fees may apply for large bridal parties if more than one stylist is needed.


Secure Your Wedding Date

-There is a $250 nonrefundable deposit required to book your wedding date. 

-This fee will be applied towards the brides hair or makeup on the day of the wedding.


Brides Name *
Brides Name
Grooms Name
Grooms Name
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Wedding Date *
Wedding Date
If you don't have a date yet, that's ok! Just give me the year OR an approximate date.